Marq Hawkins (Producer, Writer & Director)

Marq Hawkins aka DJ Cli-N-Tel or Cli-N-Tel is an Entrepreneur, Producer, Director, Writer, D.J./Rapper from Compton, California, noted for joining the World Class Wreckin’ Cru (1983-1985) and his contribution to the break-through West Coast Funk Electro-Hop Movement. Shortly after leaving the Cru, Cli-N-Tel released another well-regarded electro record titled “2030” on Unknown DJ’s Techno Hop label in 1986. Two years later, he resurfaced on Sutra Records releasing It’s Time To Jam and It Ain’t Mine.Marq eventually focused his attention on creating film screenplays, moving away from releasing albums.

In 1993, he wrote and produced several tracks on the Dr. Dre anthology album, Concrete Roots. During the late 1990s, Cli-N-Tel stationed himself in Japan working on several hip-hop tracks and releasing a full-length album entitled Shining On The Funk on the Japanese Blue Dolphin label. He has produced and directed several music videos, The movie Crackin, starring Reynaldo Rey, and the drama series A Young Man’s Guide To Survival.

Since the early 2000’s and beyond, Marq has focused his attention on writing, directing, producing and acting. Some of his acting credits include; Surviving Paradise, Frost, Finding the Boom Bap, and Fist Of A Warrior. Some of His writing credits include; Einstein Love and Light, The Right Game, The Bothers Jones, Fast Break The Movie and Thug Life.

He continues to be a strong force in the entertainment industry.

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