Carol Anne Watts

Producer Carol Anne Watts began her film career in Wilmington, NC while studying international business at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Early into her college experience, she found herself drawn to Wilmington’s local film community. She soon began landing positions on independent film sets and eventually on productions at Screen Gems Studios. After meeting a screenplay writer at one of the films’ premieres, she decided to head to New Mexico to help assemble a team to bring the writer’s material to life.

She was integral in the growth of the “One Blood” vampire genre series, including the development of a feature film, graphic novel, book series, web series, merchandise and conventions. Carol Anne then headed to LA to continue the development and deal structuring of her other feature film projects. Soon after arriving to LA, she produced the feature film The Channel, which won best supernatural film at Fright Night Film Festival.

It also screened at the Cannes and Berlin film markets and has sold in foreign and domestic territories. After completing the film, she attended the producing program at UCLA.

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